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The cost to purchase a set of Farwell 1126 Construction Plans starts at $1,456.  You'll get a multi-page pdf file to print black and white on 11 x 17 paper.  Note that we are happy to prepare mirrored or SI unit (metric) plans upon request. We charge the same price for these alternative versions, but it may take a little extra time to prepare them depending on our workload.


But be aware that that’s usually not the end of the story, which is why we list the product as “out of stock”.  The price listed above gets you a set of un-sealed, generic construction plan set. (Un-sealed means it has no signature or seal by either an architect or an engineer.)  This may be adequate for your needs in a jurisdiction that is relatively relaxed about their permuting and inspection process.


In many jurisdictions, a seal is required, and we’ve discussed this in the “Coordinating With an A/E Firm” section of our Permits Page. That’s why we expect you to have purchased a set of study plans before buying construction plans. You can use them to discuss the application and construction/inspection processes with your local permitting authority (as well as with your builder).


When you’re ready to proceed, reach out to Steve through the contact page to discuss your exact needs. If all you need is a set of unsealed generic plans, we’ll send an invoice that you can pay electronically and we’ll email out the appropriate pdf files. If you need anything that requires us to customize the plans, provide sealed structural plans, or coordinate with an A/E firm, we will prepare a proposal for those services and estimate our turnaround time.


We wish it would be simpler than this: clicking a button and getting buildable plans within minutes would be fabulous, but that’s not the world most of us live in. We feel it is more responsible to discuss your needs rather than just providing a “buy it now” button that probably will not get you to the starting line of your project. Rest assured that we’ll do our best to get you what you need as quickly and as affordably as possible so you can put your time and dollars into building the your dream home!


Farwell 1126 Construction Plans

  • After adding your file to your cart and checking out, you will receive a link to download the pdf file in the "Thank You" page along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

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