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Alternating Tread

Staircase Plans

Alternating tread staircase plans

Plans to Design & Build your Own ATS

Did you see the Alternating Tread Staircase (ATS) video on our Dumb Home YouTube Channel? These stand-alone plans will help you design and build a set of stairs with the wider, shallower geometry shown in the mock-up in the second half of the video. Of course, you’ll have to adapt the design to suit your particular project, such as the floor-to-floor height and wall locations. The plan instructions walk you through the design process and provide super-detailed explanations so you understand why you are building what you’re building. You’ll get details for an optional hatch that functions like a conventional door to provide sound and temperature isolation.

Check This Before You Buy

Before buying these plans, please consider whether or not you might need a building inspector to sign off on your alternating tread staircase. You can download page 3 of the plans for free, which describes the limitations for when an ATS can be used to meet building codes. We don’t want you to buy the plans and spend time designing, only to be disappointed that you can’t get an ATS approved for your project.

Alternating tread staircase mockup
Alternating tread staircase
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