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Windsor 420

420 square foot tiny home exterior

1 BR / 1BA Efficiency

Great room with attic bedroom

Minimalist cottage for one

About the plan

Welcome to my home! I designed and built this simple cottage as a guest house in Centreville, Maryland, but I have yet to move out, because it works so well for me! Essentially, it’s a simple two-room structure (downstairs room and upstairs room) suitable for a single person or spry couple that doesn’t mind the alternating tread stairs. Spatially, it feels much more like a house than a trailer, compared to a tiny home on wheels. And the energy costs will beat the pants off a trailer--my energy bills average about $50 over the course of 12 months.  


This is the prototype for the Windsor 500 plans, that are for sale in the store.  The plans are modified slightly with a steeper roof pitch and a dormer to make the attic bedroom more roomy and to give standing headroom under the roof peak. I also show a larger porch at 11’ x 11’, which becomes a usable outdoor room.

420 square foot tiny home interior great room

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Blank Floor Plans

These sheets are included in the study plan set so you can try out furniture arrangements before you buy construction plans.  It's a great way to make sure the house is the right size for you!  Click the orange box for a preview.

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