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Tiny-Inspired Plans

You can view and download free flyers and free blank floorplans, which you can use to experiment with furniture layouts. We also have a section of plans that we are developing in the On the Boards section in the lower section of the page.  When you're ready, come back and buy a set of study plans to give to your builder for pricing.

384 to 1,500 square feet

Click below to check out our newest (and smallest) design, the Eldora 384 tiny home!

Windsor 500

500 square foot tiny home exterior

1 BR / 1BA Efficiency

Great room with attic bedroom

Minimalist cottage for one

Windsor 570

Windsor 570 Ext SW_2-22_1415.jpg

1 BR / 1BA Efficiency

Great room with attic bedroom

Compact cottage for one or two

Vista 420

Clearwater 420 Front-50%.jpg

1 BR / 1BA Guest House or

Cottage for a young family w/ loft. Stick-built or premanufactured

Takoma 792

Ext Takoma 792 NW_7-2_18-00_L1500-mod.jpg

1 BR /1½ BA Compact House

Giant great room and large BR

Build as primary home or ADU

Farwell 896 

Farwell 896 Garage-Ext SW-5-16_1400.jpg

1 BR / Split Bath on One Floor

Many garage porch & patio options

Generous cottage for a couple

Phoenix 740

Phoenix 740 Persp-SW _4-15_1400.jpg

1 BR / 1BA cottage or

Addition to existing home (as shown)

Handicap accessible: age-in-place

Windsor 485

Windsor 485 square foot tiny house

1 BR / 1BA Tiny House

Great room with 1st floor bedroom

Compact cottage for one or two

Windsor 750

Windsor 750 Ext SW_6-21_15-15.jpg

1 BR / 1½ BA Cottage

Great room w/ 2nd floor bedroom

Generous cottage for one or two

Savannah 800

Ext Savannah 800 S Front-50%.jpg

1 BR / BA Age-in-Place Cottage

Wheelchair or walker accessible

for one or two with garage option

Takoma 965

Takoma 965 square foot compact house

1 BR /1½ BA Compact House

Full-size rooms and amenities

Expandable 1st floor bedroom suite

Farwell 1126 

Farwell 1096 Dormer-Ext SW-3-24_1500.jpg

Identical to the 896, plus

2nd Floor Bonus Room

(Same flyer as Farwell 896)

Phoenix 1010

Phoenix 1010 Persp-SW _4-13_1530.jpg

2 BR / 2 BA Cottage

Handicap accessible living with

2nd floor caretaker apartment

Chester 905

Chester 905 Persp-SE _4-02_930.jpg

1 BR / 1½ BA cottage on two floors

Patio and 2nd floor deck

Suitable for a couple or small family

Chester 916

Chester 916 Persp-SW _4-02_1430.jpg

Similar to the Chester 905 with a

spiral staircase up to the 2nd floor with smaller BR and home office

Chester 245

Optional first floor bedroom addition: (Same video for both 905 & 916)

Eldora 384

Eldora 385 Ext 1_SE.jpg

Gothic 1084 & 1373

Gothic 1084 Persp-S_3-20_1475.jpg

1 BR / 1BA Efficiency with Loft

Stick built or premanufactured

Tiny home for a single or cozy couple

2 BR / 1½ BA Compact House

Or single bedroom with open office

Expandable for a young family

Compact Details

Zoom in for a closer look at the elements that make our designs work more efficiently.  Oh, and they are just plain cool too!

Alternating Tread

Staircase Plans

Alternating Tread Staircase

If you’re intrigued by the Alternating Tread Staircase (ATS) shown in the Windsor 500, Windsor 570, or Farwell 1126, we’ve prepared a set of stand-alone plans so you can build your own. Click on this image for more information.

Raised Bed Drawers

Guidance Document

RBD 4-Pg 12.jpg

If you’re looking for a way to save space in a compact bedroom without losing storage space, this raised bed platform might be just what you need. Built on top of base kitchen cabinets, the drawer storage available under a queen size mattress is equivalent to about 2.5 standard dressers.

On the Boards
On the Boards

I'm always sketching!  I'll add my favorites periodically, so check back for new plan ideas.  If any of these pique your interest, please use the Contact Page and we'll prioritize it for further development.

Savannah 941

Savannah 941 - Cottage

2 BR / Split BA Accessible Cottage

Designed for a couple, one of whom may use a walker or wheelchair.

Fully accessible kitchen design.

Islander 1500

Islander EXT Front_06-27_8-30_L75K.jpg

3 BR / 1.5 BA house designed for a lot with a water view out the back and as a gathering spot.  With a plethora of hang-out spaces, the party starts here!

Interestingly, the design for this house started with the kitchen design.  My goal was to create a party kitchen, where 2-3, or even 4 people could contribute to the food prep.  The innovation is an island with trash and compost bins in the center.  Chopping vegies?  Clean them at the island sink and just slide the scraps into the bin, where thy can be taken it outside later. 


I've always thought that trash is the missing leg in the traditional kitchen triangle, so trash is equally accessible to the entire room in the center island.  One side of the perimeter counter is dedicated to dishwashing, and the opposite side is focused on cooking.  With the stove accessible on 3 sides, there is also a computer station so you can keep your laptop or cookbook handy to refer to that family recipe.

Aside from the kitchen/dining area, which can be isolated from the living/TV room with sliding doors, there is a progression of outdoor spaces for the crowd to expand into.  A covered porch creates a semi protected area, and the enclosed porch can be adapted to suit weather that may not be ideal.  With a pass-through window to the kitchen, it's still connected to the action.  And of course, the patio is a classic amenity, made better with an outdoor kitchen.

The upstairs is relatively conventional and intended to be the private domain of the family with a two-person bathroom for efficiency, and three bedrooms.  As shown, the two smaller bedrooms are roughly equal in size, but closets can be shifted to create a smaller front office and provide more room for the back bedroom.

Boomerang 912

912 square foot cottage with a semi-detached bedroom suite

Click on the image above for more information and images. 

This plan was sketched for a single mom who wanted to live in a tiny home, and was anticipating that her son would live with her after returning from college.  She'd get the two story cottage and he'd get the bedroom suite.  It would also work nicely for a couple living in the suite with a teenager or two younger kids in the attic.  Or if the owner(s) have no kids at home, they can treat the suite as guest accommodations, or even rent it out.

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