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Phone Support

In this age of artificial intelligence, there’s no substitute for interaction with an actual human, especially with something as complicated as building a house!  Study plans come with a 1/2 hour of phone support, and construction plans come with a minimum of 4 hours.  We might also communicate via email, but phone is five times faster when exchanging complex ideas, so that is my go-to unless I’m forwarding document links or sketches.

How to Reach Out

My phone availability is sporadic, so I recommend reaching out initially using the Contact tab on the website.   If you suggest a few days/times when you’re available, I will do my best to work with your schedule or suggest another time window.  You can assume that I will call you unless we agree on the reverse.  In your initial email, please let me know which design(s) we will discuss and where you are in the design process.  This will let me have the relevant information handy while we talk.  Keep in mind that I live in the Eastern Time Zone and am generally available between 7:00 and 18:00, although I’m happy to schedule outside those hours as needed.

Common Support Topics

  • Compact Living and how small is too small

  • Contractor questions when developing a construction estimate based on Study Plans.

  • Considerations when choosing between Conventional and Enhanced Efficiency plan details

  • Additional assistance to work through construction issues like permitting, DIY assistance, construction sequencing, contractor questions, etc.

We also offer additional support as-needed in case you are dealing with a particularly tough building administrator, need more frequent advice on a DIY build, or any other reason.  Once we’re in discussions, I’ll let you know my rate and you can decide whether to pre-pay for a certain number of hours, or if you’d prefer that I sent an invoice based on the actual time we spent communicating.  Think of me as a resource, and I’m probably more affordable and on-target than taking a generic course or workshop! We take a personal interest in our projects and want to help your dream home project run smoothly.

Purchasing Additional Phone Support

If you need phone support beyond what came with your plan, click the button and adjust the number of hours as desired.  I recommend chatting with us first to discuss the scope of our conversations and to get an estimate for how much time we're likely to spend.  And of course, we may also communicate by email or video chat.

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