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If you’re looking for a way to save space in a compact bedroom without losing storage space, this raised bed platform might be just what you need. Built on top of base kitchen cabinets, the drawer storage available under a queen size mattress is equivalent to about 2.5 standard dressers. Details of the 36-page document:


● Suggested layouts for both options with details on how to design and build them.

● Written for semi-skilled folks who aren’t afraid to delve into DIY Projects.

● Dimension ranges to adjust your design to suit your space, with recommended dimensions

● Suggestions for how to incorporate reclaimed cabinets

● Other mattress sizes, and how to design a raised platform bed in a room corner

● Links to specific products and search terms to help you do your own research

● Ideas to squeeze every ounce of storage out of the leftover nooks and crannies

Designing Raised Bed Drawers - Guidance Document

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