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Raised Bed Drawers

Design Guideline

Raised bed drawer storage solution for compact bedrooms
Raised bed drawer storage solution for compact bedrooms

Designing Raised Bed Drawers

A Guideline to Help you Design Your Own Solution

This document gets into the details of how to use off-the-shelf kitchen base cabinets to support a raised platform bed. The storage provided works out to around 2½ average-sized dressers, with only one (very large) piece of furniture.


As shown in the video, the document delves into two primary options. Option 1 features side platforms to make the getting into bed as easy and conventional as possible. Stepping up around 15” onto the side platform puts the mattress at about the same height as a typical bed and still leaves plenty of headroom in a room with 8-foot ceilings.


Option 2 is much simpler since it doesn’t involve building side platforms. Plus, you get 100% usage of all the side cabinet volume. Getting into bed requires a little more creativity with Option 2, and we’ve worked out several ways to climb in and out at the foot of the bed.

Details of the 35-page document:

  • Suggested layouts for both options with details on how to design and build them.

  • Written for semi-skilled folks who aren’t afraid to delve into DIY Projects.

  • Dimension ranges to adjust your design to suit your space, with recommended dimensions

  • Suggestions for how to incorporate reclaimed cabinets

  • Other mattress sizes, and how to design a raised platform bed in a room corner

  • Links to specific products and search terms to help you do your own research

  • Ideas to squeeze every ounce of storage out of the leftover nooks and crannies

Raised bed drawer storage solution for compact bedrooms

Avoid all kinds of potential pitfalls:

  • Conflicts between hatch lids and handles

  • Creaking when you roll over at night

  • Keeping it structurally sound

  • How to not roll out of bed in your sleep

This is a somewhat complicated project, so armed with the knowledge in this document, our goal is to help you think everything through to create a finished product you can be proud of!

(Note: the pdf and image previews are compressed, but the actual pdf you get will be sharp.)

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