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About Our Study Plans

This is a semi-detailed plan set that does not have construction details or structural information to allow you to build the house.  However, there is a ton of useful information with dimensioned floor plans, elevations, foundation and roof plans, typical wall sections, etc. To see an example study plan, click here:

Why Buy Study Plans?

​We recommend buying study plans before construction plans because they provide important information to help you plan for a successful project. Most importantly, we believe sharing these plans with prospective contractors will begin to help them work up a more accurate construction cost. 

Buy 3 Study Plans for the price of 2

Just add three Study Plans to your cart and use the Promo Code 3FOR2 at checkout!

We developed Study Plans with several purposes in mind

  • We’ve provided blank plans and a page full of to-scale furniture symbols that you can cut out.  With compact houses, you have to be much more judicious about the size of furniture and how it’s placed, so we want you to be comfortable that our design will work for you.  You may have particular furniture that you need to fit, so have fun and play around!  These plans are available as a free download to be printed on 11x17 paper.

  • There should be enough information to allow an experienced builder to work up a rough construction estimate or give you a cost range so you can begin to prepare a budget. 

  • We’ve provided several Enhanced Efficiency wall sections, with different insulation options.  Working with your builder to estimate different construction costs, you can balance performance vs. cost.

  • Meet with your local officials to discuss the permitting process and find out local requirements in terms of frost depth, wind load, seismic, snow loads, etc.  When you’re ready to contact us for a quote to prepare a set of construction plans, we will need this information.  

  • You can consider how you might site the plan on your lot, or how it might work with a particular parcel, or multiple parcels.  Key concerns will be: lot dimensions and setbacks, topography, vegetation, solar orientation, view-sheds, and so forth.

  • Study plans include ½ hour of phone support.  For more info, click here:

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