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Takoma 792

The Takoma 792 is a roomy two-story, 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath house suitable for singles and couples.  Designed to comply with most regulations for accessory dwelling units (backyard homes), the also works as a primary dwelling on a small lot.

About the plan

By shrinking the foundation footprint just a few feet from the Takoma 965 (which was developed first in the Takoma series), we have eliminated the first floor bearing wall between the kitchen and the living/dining room.  This leaves a single large space for all your daytime activities, with convenient a half bath under the stairway.  Upstairs we've retained the one large bedroom, the full bath, and provided generous walk-in closet in the front dormer.  A full size washer and dryer sit side by side in a second closet, completing a supremely functional plan.   As a common house style, it is easy to modify the porch and/or dormer to adapt the look to suit the neighborhood or the main house if building a backyard home.

Blank Floor Plans

These sheets are included in the study plan set so you can try out furniture arrangements before you buy construction plans.  It's a great way to make sure the house is the right size for you!  Click the orange box for a preview.

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Big Picture Information

Study Plans

If you’ve found the flyer compelling, the next step is to get serious about building the house. Our Study Plans consist of detailed drawings that let you discuss your project with a builder and begin to work up semi-realistic costs. For more info, click here:

Construction Plans

Whether you’re building a code-compliant plan or chose to add our Enhanced Efficiency details to create a high performance home, you will start by buying plans from our online store. We are also happy to customize any of our plans, or work with you to develop a unique home design that reflects your individuality and particular wishlist. We can also design a natural home if you’re after the most healthy indoor environment possible or want to minimize your impact on the earth. For more info about our construction plans, click here:

Customized Plans

We recognize that the best houses are designed to fit the site, local climate and the owner’s lifestyle. We are happy to customize any of our plans, so please contact us for an initial discussion.

Natural Homes

We do not sell pre-designed natural homes on our website--there are just too many variables to make that feasible. Whether you are already knowledgeable about natural home building techniques, or want to begin to educate yourself, contact us for an initial discussion. Click here to learn some fundamentals of Natural Home Design, or click on the “My Home” menu tab.

Phone Support

In this age of artificial intelligence, there’s no substitute for interaction with an actual human, especially with something as complicated as building a house. Study plans come with a 1/2 hour of phone support, and construction plans come with 4 hours. Learn more here:

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